Sunday, January 29, 2012

THE Gold Man

We at Gold Man Review are not idolators. Yes, I know he is gold, and yes, he does have a rough but smooth beard that is untouchable yet alluring at the same time; and yes, he does remind me that I have to pick up some paper towels on the way home from work. But no, this does not make us idolators. Even though it would be an awesome trophy to keep in the backyard, so that I could put a fez on his golden locks when the cherry blossoms begin to flutter on a breeze. And on windy days I could strap an elastic string under his rugged jaw and tilt a propeller hat just right above his golden ears. But then again, that golden shimmer off his stomach in the morning could be a rude awakening...

No, we're not idolators, and, it would obviously be too much of a hassle to keep him as a trophy. So, instead, he is a golden beacon: an emblem for exploration, intelligence, and determination. He's our mascot. Why not? All that glitters is gold; and sometimes, as I look around, I can still see the afterimages from when his shining luster caught my gaze that one bright morning. And that's when I decided to not roll over and fall back asleep, but to awake and weave a dream in honor of that man.


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