Sunday, March 25, 2012

Golden Woman Sighted at Lancaster Mall

Last night a local security guard thought he heard the clicking of a woman’s heels while on his rounds.

“I mean I could hear my own shoes, yeah, but then there was this other sound…of shoes, heels. I was like, what?”

Rumors of a woman in heels walking the mall at night have circulated among the security staff since the mall first opened in 1971. When asked why this particular guard has decided to come forward he said he had to.

“I saw her. She came around the corner, by the theater, then turned toward Sears and the Burlington Coat Factory. At first I thought she just got done tanning—you know, her skin was all bronze, at first. But then she sort of turned her head back at me, taking these long strides with her golden heels on. Her clothes were all gold; her face; her hair. What the hell?”

When asked how this golden woman didn’t see him, the security guard (who wishes to remain nameless) said that he hid behind a kiosk. The woman vanished as the guard tried to take out his camera phone.

“Yeah, the other guard at the monitors didn’t see anything…just me couching behind some kiosk and fumbling with something. He got a kick out of it.”

The security guard further added that the mall cameras do not have audio.

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