Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear Readers: Help Us Help You

Now that all of us at Gold Man Review are fighting over which stories and poems we want to have published, we’d like to take a timeout for icepacks and gauze, but more especially to hear back from you.

Other than a shiny, solid gold (I’m assuming it’s solid) mascot that just begs to have its nose polished, what services or events would you like a regional literary magazine to contribute to the community? Your community? Remember the more people who read GMR the bigger the literary community of Eugene gets. Some delirious ideas are as follows, though we hope you may have some better suggestions:

Half a dozen golden pioneers washing cars with sponges shaped like pickaxes to fundraise for literacy.

Writing workshops in which all attendees dress up like their favorite Portlandia character.

Sasquatch reading children’s books in a tiny chair to kindergarteners.

Flash-mob-style readings at the Woodburn outlet mall (with or without Sasquatch, TBD).

A thirty-mile, single-file hike on the Lewis and Clark trail that doubles as a lecture titled, Follow that Raccoon Skin Cap to Self-Publishing.

To Tree or Not to Tree: a vegan barbeque at Alton Baker Park in which the pros and cons of paper and eBook publishing are discussed.

Water balloon fight filled with environmentally-safe gold liquid, followed by a 5K run to raise awareness of environmentally-safe gold liquid.

Speed-reading contests: location to be determined—either at a very quiet place or a very loud place, but there will be a buzzer.

An all-out social media blitz proclaiming Eugene, Oregon as the center of the literary universe.

Got any ideas?

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