Monday, April 23, 2012

Myth of the Golden Woman

Chances are you’ve heard of the elusive Golden Woman. Or, perhaps you have not. Either way, questions remain. Who was she? A pioneer? The fashionista of her day? Maybe a goddess? The fact is there is little known about the urban legend that is Golden Woman.
            There is one who claims to “know” her. This person, who wishes to remain anonymous to the point that even sex cannot be revealed, will be referred to henceforth as Terry. Terry claims to be an ancestor of an ancestor who was extremely close to the family of the neighbor to the legendary Golden Woman. You can imagine the excitement of the Gold Man Review team…a window to her soul?

GMR: Who was she?
Terry: She lived, she breathed, she existed.

            Okay, so that’s a bit ambiguous.

GMR: Why the mysterious answer? Do you know who she was or don’t you? Do you have photos? When did she live? How did she die?
Terry: I’m afraid I can only answer one question at a time. And if you knew the story behind her existence and death, you would understand why she still haunts Salem and why my answers lack clarity.

            Okay. So this guy… or gal… could be a politician.

GMR: What is the story of her existence and death?
Terry: I’m not at liberty to say.
GMR: You called me. How can you not be at liberty to say?
Terry: The truth must come with understanding.
GMR: Right. You could tell me but then you’d have to kill me, is that it?
Terry: I’m afraid I don’t understand the reference.

            Of course not. Perhaps politician isn’t the right description. Can you say loner, misfit… ahh, serial killer?

GMR: Let’s step back. Why did you call me?
Terry: You had questions. I called. <Long pause>
GMR:  But you’ve yet to answer any questions.
Terry: I’m sorry you feel that way.

            Okay, a different approach…

GMR: What question should I ask to gain truth and understanding?
Terry: <Nods> Now you’re asking the right questions.
GMR: Thank you. <Again, long pause> You haven’t answered the question.
Terry: Haven’t I?
GMR: No, not at all.
Terry: I answered the question you were really asking.
GMR: Which was what?
Terry: <Head shake>
GMR: What can you openly tell me about Golden Woman?
Terry: She existed, she still exists, and you have to open the eyes of your mind to truly see her.

            That pretty much concluded the interview.

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